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My heart sings when people say

"I visited your website, I've talked to you, and you're exactly who I thought you'd be." 

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How Do I Support Business In Digital Growth?

When I work with businesses and organizations, I approach it as a system.

While my focus is on how digital marketing fits into, helps or hinders the system, I am always watching the system. 


For example, I wouldn't recommend Google Ads if your sales weren't up and you had a larger ticket item. In this case, we'd deal with the fundamentals before the digital.

From a practical standpoint, this means my services mainly revolve around:

Hourly Consulting

Corporate Training



Strategy Creation & Measurement

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What are my areas of specialty?


Wrap-Around Digital Integration

Ensuring your business is as digital as it can be from beginning to end.


Teaching, Speaking & Training

Book Tim for a training that is highly informative and extremely engaging. Find out why audiences keep bringing me back!


Analytics, Analysis & Measurement

How do you know if your social media is working? Understanding to what degree your digital is working is our superpower.


Growth Strategies

We don't know what we don't know, and sometimes we just don't know how to grow. This is where we excel: matching goals to efforts.



Content ideas, content planning and content production is something we're pretty fabulous at.