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Tim Campbell Smith in a content creation photoshoot


My name's Tim and I'm so extroverted I put the social back in social media. My love language is local restaurants, and Time Magazine describes me as “someone we’ve literally never heard of.” (But that could change) Having a passionate love affair with TikTok, my dogs, Monster and Mini, describe me as “the world’s greatest digital marketing consultant” and says “he knows a lot about YouTube, and gives us treats.”

I should also probably share I've consulted for hundreds of businesses worldwide, published books in the areas of marketing and small business and completed training with honours in both Adult Education and Digital Marketing Management. While I love consulting and corporate digital training, I also teach at the postsecondary levels, at Conestoga College and York University.


What I Do:

What it looks like to hire me for a digital marketing training:

Choose your time frame:

  • Short talk (<90 minutes),

  • Lunch n Learn

  • Multi hour

  • Half day

  • Full Day

  • Multi Day

Choose your subject area(s):

  • One or more specific digital marketing platform,

  • topics like

    • Sales​

    • Strategy Creation

    • Growing a following

    • Branding

    • Analytics + measurement

    • and many more, or

  • Something custom to your company

Choose your key learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge,

  • Application, 

  • Ideas, wisdom and insight, 

  • Common understanding

And finish with logistics:

  • Date, time, location

  • Testing and measurement

  • Hand outs

  • Follow up

See me in action

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