I'm Tim. He/Him pronouns.

A digital marketing generalist, consultant and trainer.

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Get to know me:

I'm an introverted extrovert that loves being around people, good food, and using social media to drive business and make the world a better place. Cheesy, but there it is.

Born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, I've also made appearances in Sudbury, Ontario and Los Angeles for a year (which was a wild experience), and now call Puslinch, Ontario home with my husband, family and dogs. I'm heavily tattooed, a vegetarian, avid cinema lover and Pokemon master.

From a training perspective, my experience is varied. I've attended hundreds of workshops and seminars on digital marketing informally. Formally, I've completed courses and certificates through UCLA Continuing Education (Social Media Marketing, Marketing), Durham College (Teaching and Training Adults), University of Calgary (Social Media Marketing Management) and other digital marketing certifying bodies.

I also continue on an annual basis to attend trainings to stay abreast on changes and trends in social media and digital marketing.

In my practice, I'm a generalist: you can't talk about social media or digital marketing without talking about brand strategy, communications, sales, HR, you name it. While I like talking about all parts of business, my job is to always bring it back to a concise head in social media and digital marketing. As a generalist, I also work with all industries and platforms.

I'm a published author in the areas of social enterprise and social media, and a professional speaker. I'm an industry expert with Innovation Guelph, a course instructor with Fanshawe College and consultant who's worked with hundreds of clients from all over Canada and the United States.

I focus on give back opportunities and encouraging more businesses to become social enterprises, making me a social enterprise.

In my work, I also sought to create a free platform of marketing resources for entrepreneurs. Check out Marketing Resources here.

My mission is simple: have more businesses spend more and better time on social media marketing activities that improve business outcomes. 

Professional Trainer and Speaker Tim Campbell Smith

Meet Zoe!

Zoe is also part of the team as an engagement associate!

Based out of Fergus, Ontario, Zoe is a social media generalist who specializes in content creation, mainly for Facebook and Instagram (though handles all other platforms very well).

Zoe will be leading social media management for clients, as well as research for audits and strategies.

Zoe is a new dog mom to Arrow, travel enthusiast (when it isn't COVID) and in love with the colour blue. Instagram is her favourite platform, and her favourite social media account is Wonderful Places on Instagram.