tim here.

After a colourful work history in customer service, sales and marketing, I realized solving real problems for real people without barriers was the way to go.

So here I am.

I'm a social media consultant and expert based out of Guelph, Ontario and serving North America - and loving every second of my career.

I love working with small (and I mean small) to medium sized businesses, social enterprises and impact driven small business. I do this because digital marketing can be extremely expensive, and means smaller organizations are left behind because they can't afford an expert.

My specialty is grassroots marketing. Whereas many others JUST focus on social, or a part of social, I see social media as a series of opportunities in the whole portfolio that is your business.

This is why my social media marketing practice is generalized: I know the foundations, ins and outs of all digital channels, and focus on how they can best reflect your real life work. I am a learned and experienced expert in my field.

As a social enterprise, I keep to my specialty of small businesses, impact driven organizations and solopreneurs. My focus is on creating sustainable economic opportunities for marginalized people. As someone who came from the bottom of the ladder and was gifted opportunities from wonderful people, I too now want to pass it on.

My mission is simple: Be the go to social media generalist and expert, trainer and manager for impact focused organizations and individuals that would benefit from improved digital presence through flexibility, creativity and inspiration.

This is my vision: Close the theory-knowledge-application gap in digital communications for organizations that do good in the world. 


© 2020 by Tim Campbell

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