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Hi! I'm Tim.

He/Him pronouns.
I have this wild idea that "about" pages should tell you about your consultant or agency.

Here's the tea: I've been self employed as a digital marketing consultant for seven years, loving every second of it, and with a wild amount of experience. Though my practice has changed, I've been a social media manager, communications planner, ads specialist, consultant, tried running as a digital marketing agency, and teaching in higher education.  I've improved donations for not for profits across Canada and the US, provided digital marketing audits with strategic recommendations to European clients, built online sales strategies worldwide, and more. My experience spans almost every industry and type of business imaginable.

I'm an introverted extrovert that loves being around people, a vegetarian that loves food (but I hate salad, true story), and using social media to drive business and make the world a better place. Cheesy, but there it is.

Born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, I've also made appearances in Sudbury, Ontario and Los Angeles for a year (which was a wild experience), and now call Puslinch, Ontario home with my husband and family. I'm heavily tattooed, a Pokemon master and avid learner (ask me what I'm currently reading!).​

As a digital marketing consultant, I'm based out of Guelph but work with clients across Canada, the United States and Europe. Whatever your digital marketing problem is: we'll solve it. Whatever your social media goal is: we'll achieve it. No parachuting in, telling you what to do and leaving - we journey together.

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