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How Can Consulting Support You?

Digital Marketing Consultant for Service based businesses

Here's the quick and simple of working with me: 

*Please note I do charge a $25 administration fee for any consults and written quotes used in funding applications.

Common Reasons People Work With Me:

  1. Whole project integration: think project manager who also knows social media and can advise at every step.

  2. Digital marketing consulting: listening to your problems and goals, solving it with you and following up. Includes written summary notes, action items and homework meetings after each meeting.

  3. Social media/digital marketing strategy: written document outlining a fully realized strategy and plan based on your business.

  4. Other social media marketers: yes, I work with other social media marketers, particularly as a mentor and for business development. Learn more here


How Others Have Used Their Time:

  • Teaching about a specific social media platform and how to use it powerfully

  • Consulting on how to drive traffic and sales from social media, particularly for ecommerce

  • Marketing research for social media

  • Running your social media entirely

  • Small business planning

  • Lead generation behaviours, systems and processes

  • Develop social media strategies

  • Making sense of and running Facebook and Instagram ads,

  • Designing social media campaigns

and more.

Now you must be wondering:​ a consultant who shares their pricing?! 

Transparency and honesty are key values of mine, so I will always be upfront about what I expect of you, and you can be with me.

Plus, I'm pretty damn good at what I do and we can get you results, so money is usually the next question (if it's not the first), so I like to get it out of the way. 

Social Media Marketing Agency Tim
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