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Consulting Guidelines

For a happy, healthy relationship for both of us while working together, I have some guidelines. Before working together, I'll also share these with you so you have a handy document on it. This page is for your reference just in case before we work together!

Please note these policy guidelines also have parameters that include things before we're formally in a relationship, for your protection! When working together, it's important to note: 

We are not forming a join venture, and I also work as an independent contractor. 

1. I will always use my best and objective judgement and abilities to consult, coach, mentor and train for the business in the areas of social media and digital marketing. Any other duties will be agreed upon before they are begun, and I will not work outside my scope or area of expertise. Please note this may change the amount of hours required, and therefore billing amount. 

2. A standard rate will be shared with you for your consulting agreement and billed in fifteen (15) minute increments as work is done. Work is defined as time in meetings as well as time outside meetings that a) both of us have agreed to and b) is something you would actually use to your benefit. Historically for example this has included things like hashtag research (and putting it into a document), SEO keyword research (and putting it into a document) or designing sample mock up posts. 

3. Any consulting time paid for will not roll over to the next calendar year unless previously agreed upon (which usually happens in November/December). 

4. I will fiercely protect, defend and keep confidential any private information you disclose during the consultation process (even if it precedes our work), during and after the relationship, surviving termination.

5. Any and all work created during the term of our work is solely yours, and I do not own, nor do I have rights to any of it. 

6. Should any disagreement or conflict emerge, we will both agree to a conflict mediation process. 

7. There is never  guarantee of results of the work done. You are under no obligation whatsoever to follow my advice, and you assume all responsibility for anything that arises from the work covered by our agreement. 

8. You agree to a  $62 cancellation fee if a meeting is cancelled within 12 hours of the scheduled meeting time. The only exception to this provision is an emergency situation of medical concern for the client or their immediate family. Repeat occurrences may, at my discretion, nullify the second sentence of this clause. 

Consultant Tim Campbell Smith looking at the camera in a photography studio
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