Deferred payments,

A small business owner like you, I get Coronavirus has hit us hard and finances are a

sticky point in times of uncertainty. That's why I'm offering deferred payments on all

services from now until an  indefinite date in 2021. I want you to focus on growth,


How it works:

  • we still have a conversation about your social media and digital marketing needs,

  • we still determine the work to be done and how many hours it will take, 

  • I provide you a quote for how much of an investment it will be (see THIS PAGE on rates and working with me),

  • You provide a deposit of whatever amount you can or feel is fair, and

  • You pay as you can when you can.


That's it. I'm not adding an extra fee to do this, I'm not charging interest and I'm not picking and choosing who this is available for. Being strong and intentional and consistent on social media to grow small business is my first priority, and THAT is what I'm focusing on.


So fill out the below form (like any other form) and let's make your social media really social.

So you can focus on your business.

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