Let's do business for good.

The world is on fire and needs help.

And I wanted to run a business.

Social entrepreneurship is the answer to those two things.

What is a social enterprise?

                                                                                       A social enterprise is a business that provides a good or service while         

                                                                                       improving the wellbeing of people, communities and areas. The two are simultaneous and inseparable. Many social enterprises, like mine, measure multiple bottom lines: like profits, social impact and environmental impact. Some social enterprises are for-profit, others are not-for profit.

So what's my mission?

In my work around social media marketing, I aim to close the theory-knowledge-application gap in online communications.

As a business, I seek to create positive and sustainable economic opportunities for all, and particularly marginalized people.

My specialty though is getting other businesses on board with being a social enterprise in large and small ways, so more businesses become businesses for good.

What's my impact?

The proof is in the work. My impact and continuing commitments: 

I removed the use of paper business cards reducing waste.

I moved over 90% of my processes to digital platforms to eliminate printing.

I decreased in person meeting days to maximum two per week, eliminating commuting for 104 days out of the year.

I purchase locally as a default to decrease emissions from transportation.

In my 3 years in business, I have provided a minimum 60 hours of pro bono work per year to not-for-profits, charities, and low income individuals who can't afford a consultant.

I donate all time talking with any business owners on how to become a social enterprise.

I do volunteer speaking engagements with schools and youth on entrepreneurship.

Every year I have mandated anti-racism, decolonization, pro-reconciliation training.

I default to buying local (within 10km) for all products and services. 

I offer sliding scale payments to those who cannot or cannot fully afford a consultant.

I offer deferred payments with no interest or terms in response to the COVID pandemic.

I intentionally price services and products low compared to industry standards to remain accessible.

I make monthly donations to not-for-profits and charities.

I pay to participate with other groups so they can expand the world of social enterprises.

I'm offering a scholarship to young queer business students.

And here's how we can connect:

If this is something you're interested in,

then I'd like to encourage you to purchase a copy of my book, Just Good Business: A Practical Guide to Every Business Being a Business For Good. You can purchase it here through Amazon.

© 2020 by Tim Campbell

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