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How to Keep Up With All the Digital Marketing Changes

Authored November 2022 by Tim Campbell-Smith

Keeping up with all the changes to digital marketing could be a full time job - and

for some people, it is! But this isn't the reality for small business owners who need to

know what's new and what to do, quickly and efficiently.

That's why I've curated this list for you. I've run a business, been a teacher and

content creator - all at once - myself, so I know what it's like to be strapped for time!

So here's my list on ways to keep up with trends and changes in social media:

1. Twitter Lists

A Twitter list is like a mini curated newsfeed. Every time you come across a profile of

someone on Twitter who's tweeting about digital marketing (like me!) you can click their

profile and click "Add to list". If you don't already have a list, you can create one.

Note lists can be public or private, just for you!

2. Social media blogs.

Every single social media platform has a blog, and within that blog there's sections

or details on how to master marketing. You can bookmark and save them, or subscribe,

and visit them when you want updates! This is also where digital marketers go to get

the most up to date changes.

     Instagram Blog

     Facebook Blog

     Pinterest Blog

     YouTube Blog

     Google (SEO) Blog

     LinkedIn Blog

3. Events.

There are CONSTANTLY events going on. A solid Google search will bring up many. Personally, I prefer Eventbrite events for public interest. 

4. Thought leader's social media channels. 

There are lots of thought leaders posting about trends and changes on 

social media. An easy way to find them is through a Google search or 

YouTube, as you can see the number of subscribers. Some thought 

leaders I personally love:

  • Mari Smith

  • Neil Patel 

  • Social Media Today 

  • SEO Journal 

  • Content Marketing Institute 

  • Me, obviously (links above)

  • Social Media Examiner

5. Thought leader's newsletters.

Just like with social media, and the above names, get their newsletters! This way is a little more passive and comes straight into your inbox.

Final tip:

The key is to stay up to date on a scheduled, regular frequency. Commit to following someone or consuming new content on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis!

Copy of Standard Blog Image 3.png
A sample Twitter list from Tim Campbell Strategist
Screenshot from Social Media Marketing World
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