I'm thrilled to be supported by a community that grants me time, space and energy to write about my areas of expertise. Below are my publications: click to purchase.

Published Author Tim Campbell Small Business Resource Book

The Small Business Resource Book is a handy workbook companion to starting any business. It covers every topic relevant to starting and running a business: from sales to website, social media to branding.

This book is a combination of information from tried and true sources and entrepreneurs who were successful, as well as exercises and reflections.

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Social Enterprise Social Impact Book

Just Good Business is a practical guide for why, and how, every business can become a business for good. Growing profits and impact in the areas of environment, people, communities and finance are all possible, and laid out in this short, easy to read guide.

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Church Social Media Marketing Book

Keeping Church Social is a boots-to-the-ground, no nonsense approach to social media for churches. While churches are closing and fighting to stay relevant, this book not only equips those in ministry to do better online, but also provides questions to reflect on how any ministry can be relevant to any community.

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Book Social Media Marketing Content Ideas

The Big Handy Book of Social Media Content Ideas is just that: a big book of content marketing ideas. With over 130 ideas, prompts and places to launch off of, every entrepreneur will be able to fill their content calendars with this book.

This book skips the need for marketing research and gets to the heart of advertising, from both a value-add perspective and a sales perspective. 

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