Ready for Tim's New Book?!

Tim Campbell-Smith Author

What is it actually like to work in social media?

When I started out in digital marketing in 2015, I did a Google search for "What it's like to work in social media marketing" and I didn't get many results. Now, in 2022, there's still not many results. There's a few vlogs, there's a couple articles, but it's mainly fluff from marketers trying to sell programs.

That's where this book comes in.

In this new book, I'm laying it all out there on what it's like to work in digital marketing. I'm spilling the tea on everything from how much social media marketers make (and I tell you my income)to what goes into a digital marketing plan (and why that's such a confusing topic), what happens when clients go missing to hilariously disastrous experiences networking. We'll talk about things like problems with digital marketing education and why niching down a social media agency is a bad idea. 

I'm dedicating this book to anyone in digital marketing, and anyone who's had to provide services to another.