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Everything You Could Want to Know About Your Success is in your Data

Corporate training in digital marketing
social media marketing consultant tim

Every social media platform, and most digital platforms, are giving you tonnes of data every second. If you know what you're looking for, or what questions to ask, then it begins to tell you the story of your own success, or where there's room for improvement.

That's where I come in.

Together we'll work to build, or improve, your data dashboard, collect the data we care about, and begin to answer questions with data. 

I'm as much, or as little, a part of the process as you want.

The Usual Process:

  1. We figure out what questions you're trying to answer and what kind of goals you have in place (if you have none, that's okay, we set some!).

  2. We collect the data and explore what's missing (I have some cool tricks up my sleeves and tools to recommend). 

  3. We compile data into one central place where all stakeholders who need to access it can. 

  4. Finally, we begin drawing conclusions based on our questions, goals and data and set a plan forward.

Yup! That's it!

The Investment

I believe in transparent pricing. While everything I do is uniquely quoted, digital marketing measurement usually requires a minimum three hours of your time (with follow up support), and starts at $600 CDN plus taxes. ​Again though, I typically work on an hour to hour basis, and do have a standard hourly consulting fee we can defer to.

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