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Social Media Marketing Consultant Tim Campbell Smith

I'm a tattoo enthusiast who hates needles,

vegetarian who doesn't like salad, and 

traveller who's afraid of sea life. 

I'm an award winning* digital marketing consultant and public speaker specializing in social media marketing. I have worked with clients of all sizes from across Canada and the US.


I journey with you however we need around your social media. Be it full social media management,  digital marketing training, coaching or consulting, you name it: my first duty is to serve you in growth.

I do all this work to advance good things in the world. As a social enterprise, I focus on and give back in the areas of economic development for marginalized people.

I'm Tim.


What's this "grassroots marketing" approach that makes me different?

I am trained as a social media marketing consultant. I know social media through and through, how it affects business and business affects social media.

But my approach is to address the business system. How can we make your social media awesome so it influences your business, and how can we make your business awesome to influence social?

For example, social media isn't going to meet your goals if your e-commerce sales are broken. Social media isn't going to work if you have no brand story. Social media isn't going to support growth if your customer service is lacking.

These are the kinds of things we tackle.


I'm extremely transparent in my pricing and how I work, because I believe in upfront honesty.

I work on an hourly retainer basis. I ask for an investment of $110/hr for solopreneurs, small businesses and not for profits. I ask for an investment of $130/hr for larger sized businesses and organizations (9+ employees). I quote every opportunity and explain why I think it'll take so many hours, and you can choose how our relationship works.

We can use our time however we want: some I can do for you (like running your social media), I can consult, train, coach or do any combination thereof.

How can we work together?

Or discover my other company: Marketing Resources. A platform for free and low cost worksheets, templates and resources.

My work as a social enterprise:

The world is on fire and needs help.

And I want to run a business.

So I blend the two: my business exists as a business for good, providing social media marketing services AND making the world a better place. This practice is called social entrepreneurship.

Social Enterprise Meaning:
A social enterprise is a business that provides a good or service while improving the wellbeing of people, communities, areas and the planet. In my practice I seek to improve as many efforts as possible.

And you can too.
Click the box to discover my impact, how I help, and start the conversation around being a social enterprise yourself.

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