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Tim Campbell Smith Scholarship


May 3, 2021


Local Entrepreneur Launches Queer Business Scholarship

Funds going directly to supporting diversity within college-level programming


GUELPH, ONTARIO: Applications now are open for the Campbell-Smith Queer Business Scholarship, hosted by local entrepreneur and social media consultant Tim Campbell-Smith.


Utilizing the online tool, ScholarTree, Campbell-Smith created the scholarship as a community giveback geared towards supporting queer youth who are pursuing a business program at the college-level.


“I think if you're doing well in business, you have a responsibility to not only impact your customers, but your community as well.” said Campbell-Smith on their motivation for starting the scholarship. “Too many boardrooms lack diversity, and research shows that this hurts business overall. This scholarship will make sure there’s diversity in business, now and in the future.” 


The Campbell-Smith Queer Business Scholarship was created to reduce barriers to young queer people pursuing careers in business in hopes of shaking up the current ecosystem. 


Campbell-Smith is also hoping to demonstrate how easy it is for other businesses to give back. One way of giving back, he notes, is supporting underrepresented segments of the community — with the ultimate goal of increasing diversity and representation at all levels of society.


About: Tim Campbell-Smith is a social media marketing consultant based out of Guelph, Ontario. They work with businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to multinational organizations. Their heart belongs to social enterprises, or businesses doing good in the world to make it a better place.


To view or apply for the Campbell-Smith Queer Business Scholarship, visit


For more information and media interviews, please contact Tim Campbell-Smith at 

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