Some social media marketing projects are a little bigger (but not scarier).

That's also what I'm here for! 


I'm no​​t just going to give you a blue print or a strategy and leave you to it: I'm going to stick around and make sure they work.

From design to implementation, testing to improvement, if it touches social media I'm here to be the voice of digital marketing.

Projects are quoted on a case by case basis, where I'll outline our goals and objectives, number of hours I think it'll take and mutually agreed upon outcomes.

What Do Projects Look Like?

For a reference point, common projects I work on with clients:

  • setting up and integrating e-commerce with Facebook and Instagram shopping (with strategy), 

  • social optimization, connecting all parts of the business to social media, 

  • campaign design,

  • social media strategies for the whole business,

  • training and strategy, 

and many more.

Basically: if it'll take longer than a few hours, or has many moving pieces, we should talk about projects.

Projects incorporate consulting, training, coaching and follow up.