Social Media Management

You went into business to do what you do. And we get that:

and we can take care of your social media, so you can do what you're good at.

Basically how it works:

  1. We all get to know each other and see if we're a good fit between you and us. If we don't really hit it off, management probably isn't going to work out well.

  2. We make sure you're prepared for the financial investment (more on our pricing below). It will take time, energy and money, but in our experience what usually shocks people is the financial investment.

  3. We figure out where your social is, where it's going and where you want it to go. We all agree to a North star!

  4. Our team does a lot of research to get inside your brain, learn your voice and get on the same page with your business.

  5. We have the first month - and we become best friends during this time as we closely monitor and make sure we are all on the same page at all times. 

  6. We run your social! In theory, you wouldn't have to think about your social media, ever. Now, nobody ever gives us 100% free control on the social, and that's okay - but say you got sick, or wanted time off: you would not have to think about your social media.

  7. We are you, totally, online. We respond to comments and DMs, relay information, post, engage, follow, unfollow, you name it.

  8. We capture content and share it! Content is a discussion between everybody, but we have a clear plan on who captures it and what's going out.

  9. And we all live happily ever after!

Some good details to know:

  1. Unlike other social media agencies, we don't have a minimum commitment time to work with us. If you're not enjoying it: neither are we, and vice versa. Our only term on this is 14 days notice to cancel.

  2. We quote every management project individually, but we also believe in transparency: for our team to run your social media, be prepared to spend at least $750 CDN + HST per month to start (for two platforms).

  3. Common things that drive up the investment are the number of platforms that we run, the amount of responses we have to plan for, content planning, ads, content creation (like photoshoots, videography, etc) and more.

  4. The only platforms we do not offer management for at this time are TikTok and SnapChat. 


How many sales will you get me? What's the ROI? 

     We never promise an ROI or sales, because it's inaccurate and unethical. Social media marketing is marketing: not sales. If you need sales, we recommend you hire a sales person. That said: with all of our clients we have found a positive ROI, otherwise, they wouldn't work with us! What we can and will do is set benchmarks with you: once we can see your tracking and analytics, we can start to base some numbers. 

How do you really get to know my business? 

     We have done this for many years and perfected the process of getting in your brain and mastering your voice. A mix of in-depth questionnaire, meetings and phone calls (to literally hear your voice), reviewing your social media and providing samples we think matches your voice has gotten us spot on with people's voices. Otherwise, we touch base regularly to keep a steady pulse on your business so your social media reflects it. 

Who will provide the content?

     We explore this at the very beginning of our relationship, but generally we offer to provide it first. If you want to provide it, great! But we are here to do it: remember, our goal is for you to never have to worry about your social media...and that means content creation too.

Do you only do social?

     Nope! We can also discuss adding on email marketing, ads, integrative solutions and more.

How many posts are included in your management plans?

     We don't think it's ethical to limit the number of posts we do, because business changes and we want you to just focuas on your business. This is something we carefully plan for when we prepare a quote to run your social media.

Who else have you worked with?

     Great question! Shoot us an email and we can send a list.