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If you're a new or current

Social Media Marketer

I'd be happy to help with your business or difficult client situations.

I get it: The social media marketing industry is huge, and you have a lot of possibilities in how you run your business. If you have any struggle in your business or with your clients, I'm creating space for you to lean on me. Just like I've sought out social media mentors and coaches, I'm here for you too.

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Lean On My

  • 5+ years of experience of paid client work,

  • hundreds of hours of classes and training, 

  • schooling in adult education, social media and digital marketing,

  • thousands of people I've spoken with and taught, and

  • the hundreds of consultations and thousands more hours of work.

We could work on

  • difficult client situations,

  • strategic business planning,

  • branding, marketing and advertising your own business,

  • pricing and how to work with clients,

  • business processes and systems (like invoicing, sales, marketing, research and development, growth, etc.) 

  • tips, tricks and methods in social media marketing, and

  • training on any particular platform or method (like Facebook ads, Pinterest engagement strategies, event marketing, sales, etc.)

What You Should Know:

  • We have a contract with general terms, that specifically protect you, your information and anything you tell me. Your business is safe. 

  • I will meet you where you're at. Sure, I'll have ideas, but I want to hear from you first on what you want to achieve.

  • I will always highlight two things in all our work: what exactly I'm teaching or sharing, and the process behind it so you can implement it yourself. So be prepared to explore everything from two angles.

  • I will provide recap notes of all our meetings - you can take notes if you want, but you can also be present in our meetings.

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