Friend, get you a public speaker people are gonna want back again and again and again.

I just wanna make social media marketing fun again.

And I invite to join me in making it fun again.

When I speak as a professional speaker, there's no high level, abstract fluff or useless information.

I have a knack for delivering exactly what audiences want and enjoy around social media marketing.

Every time I speak, I weave humour, a lot of information, stories and core lessons so nobody leaves forgetting what they learned.


And any group, any size, any need is fair game. Keynote, seminar, workshop, you name it. I got you.

What I talk about:

Grassroots social media marketing

I have never just wanted to grow some marketing metrics.


And personally, I can't stand when people look at social media and say "I just want sales."

Grassroots marketing is the answer. In these talks I discuss holistic growth for the business with grassroots marketing methodology and from a social media perspective.

Example: how can you grow your HR via social media while increasing sales and followers, all in one campaign? That's the kind of thing we tackle.

In this talk we discuss social media and marketing as they pertain to the whole business for long term growth.

What I talk about:

Social marketing

Any business can be a business for good.

Every business should be a business for good.

I'mma give you the truth about how any business can learn from social enterprises and include social impact in the bottom line of success.

From choosing a mission to deciding how small or big your steps will be, we'll explore how any business at any scale can have a positive social impact.

What I talk about:

The truth about...

A lot of people like that sassy gay friend who tells them as it is...a bit of a stereotype but there it is.

A lot of people like that sassy gay friend who tells them as it is...a bit of a stereotype but there it is.

That's me, as a professional speaker, when I give "the    truth" about any given social media platforms.

These talks are blunt and actionable and geared towards a social media platform. I'll tell you how to rock Twitter and how to spot Russian bots screwing with your campaign. I'll advocate for Alignable, and tell you the top three reasons why small business owners hate it. We'll rave about Facebook and talk about how little you should expect from it.

Let's chat about your choice of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Alignable, Google My Business, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube in your marketing.


My work

by the numbers:

I've spoken at more than 114 events,

taught over 200 classes,

received more than 130 positive reviews, and

been a speaker for more than 10,000 people.

Past engagements have included Ontario Wedding Association, Social Media Pro, The Professional Organizers in Canada, The Los Angeles Film School and small business centres all around Ontario (including Durham, Guelph, Saugeen and Minto). 

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