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As a digital marketing teacher, I want one thing: to foster curiosity.

Curiosity shows that you not only understand and can remember something: it shows you have deeper, bigger, better questions and are going places.

THAT is my goal: to foster and ignite curiosity.

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Teaching is what I do, but making good ideas contagious is what I'm known for.

If you need a specific digital marketing course, or social media class, I can provide that! 

As a trained educator of adults (Durham College, with honours) I understand the unique realities of adult learners, and deliver digital marketing courses people enjoy, understand and can take action from. My teaching comes from a place of experience, wisdom, and rigorous research.

As a teacher I've provided

  • social media marketing training for network marketing teams, 

  • guest lectures at colleges and universities (as well as teaching my own classes at colleges), 

  • trainings and workshops to small and medium sized teams 

and with every type of group and organization imaginable. 

When booking a class, we will establish

  • logistics like date, time, length and location

  • what your key learning outcomes are

  • what your group hopes to learn, and

  • specific curriculum, slides and hand out.

I believe in honesty and transparency: when it comes to teaching classes, I generally charge

$500 CDN for a 90 minute session (minimum), $800 for a half day, $1300 for a whole day and $1200 for multiple days (per day), with a flex rate of $150 / hour

Please note I no longer "speak for exposure", and only speak pro-bono in select cases.

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By the Numbers:


events spoken at


classes taught

(fun fact: I went to college for Adult Education)


positive reviews


audience members.

See me in action:

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To book your class:

Send me an email and let me know about your company, group, and what you hope for in a class. 

We'll customize it from there.

See me in action

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