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What makes a strong social

media post?

We spend so much time crafting posts and messages that we

hope land with our audiences, reach our goals and really serve

our businesses...and there's nothing worse than when we haven't

even optimized the post before it's out.

It's like running a long distance race in rubber boots.

And it feels like everyone has runners.

What makes for a strong social media post? While there are specifics for each platform, you can generally count on these similar elements across each platform:

  • picture, video or other creative media,

  • copy, or text,

  • involving someone else,

  • creative features (when possible),

  • hashtags, and a

  • call to action.


  • detailed written copy

  • 2-5 hashtags

  • variety of pictures

  • call to action



Alternative variations:

  • live video

  • video

  • GIF or boomerang

  • link included after copy written to direct traffic


  • interesting media

  • specific headline

  • written content

  • link to (pinned from) own website

  • specific board added to


  • Video, over 3 minutes long

  • specific headline

  • clearly written description with keywords included

  • link to website

  • interesting thumbnail (not pictured)



Alternative variations:

  • part of a playlist

  • guest contributors


  • interesting copy

  • video or captivating media

  • tags with other people (when appropriate)

  • 2-5 hashtags at the bottom of the post



Alternative variations:

  • live video

  • captivating plain text*

  • articles



*LinkedIn is the only platform where plain

text posts can perform just as well, if not better

than any other post. The difference is that it

HAS TO be captivating or controversial


  • Interesting features (polls, GIFS, etc)

  • 2-4 hashtags within the tweet

  • Media

  • Tags of other people

  • ReTweets or tweets from other people



Alternative variations:

  • live/video

  • series of tweets for longer posts



  • Interesting media (picture, video, reels)

  • Location listed

  • Up to 30 hashtags in post

  • Interesting copy



Alternative variations:

  • Carousels

  • Reels

Click the images for larger versions of strong posts.

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