What could you accomplish in a day with a social media marketing expert?

Why a 1/2 or whole day on your business?

1. I'm pretty fun (but that's just what all my clients say)​

2. We have no interruptions. It's just us, your goals and problems and all the outcomes. 

3. It's immediate, actionable and you can see change happen right in front of your eyes.

4. A perk of working with me is all your notes are emailed to you after: this way ALL of your emails, notes and resources are in one place.

What's included

  • Priority booking,

  • Working with you for the whole or part day,

  • Research on your business and review of social media before meeting,

  • Coffee, snacks and meal (if full day is booked), 

  • All written notes from the day sent to you within 24 hours,

  • All handouts, information sheets, work books and resources (normally sold individually)

The investment





Charities &

Not For Profits

$800 Full Day

$410 half day

(4 hours) 

$975 Full Day

$550 half day

(4 hours) 

$700 Full Day

$350 half day

(4 hours) 


Topics of interest I've worked with clients on:

  • Developing core messaging,

  • Defining target audience,

  • Finding target audience,

  • Overall social media strategy,

  • Skills training,

  • Platform specific training,

  • Website and social media review,

  • Profile optimization,

  • Ads training and implementation,

  • Brand strategy

  • E-commerce optimization and Sales processes,

  • Engagement strategies,

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Hashtag research,

  • Review of best practices & bad habits,

  • Productivity hacks,

  • Graphics and content creation,

  • Goal clarification and definition,