We could get

so much

done in a day.

In one day, we can make your social media marketing magical. We'll focus on four key areas:

  1. Diagnosis and Evaluation: Figuring out where you're at, what's working and where we want to go.

  2. Action Planning: How will we achieve what we set out to achieve?

  3. Implementation: We're actually going to do the thing together.

  4. Testing and Measurement: We'll figure out how to recognize success and when to change tactics.

With a surprise fifth step:

    5. Follow Up: I don't just let you go after the day, I follow up in one week, one month and three months.

Whatever the problem: we'll solve it. Whatever the goal: we'll achieve it.


The Investment:

Solopreneurs + Social Enterprises:

   $1000 Full Day

   $550 Half Day

Medium - Large Organizations:

   $1200 Full Day

   $700 Half Day

What I've Worked With Clients On:

  • Developing core messaging,

  • Defining target audience,

  • Finding target audience,

  • Overall social media strategy,

  • Skills training,

  • Platform specific training,

  • Website and social media review,

  • Profile optimization,

  • Ads training and implementation,

  • Brand strategy

  • E-commerce optimization and Sales processes,

  • Engagement strategies,

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Hashtag research,

  • Review of best practices & bad habits,

  • Productivity hacks,

  • Graphics and content creation,

  • Goal clarification and definition,