Case Studies

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Innovation Guelph

Consulting, Teaching, Ads Management

Situation: Innovation Guelph is a primarily government funded agency that incubates and accelerates innovative businesses. They had been mentoring and consulting for hundreds of businesses over nine years with no social media specialist to help their clients grow online. They needed one specialist  to play as many roles as possible and support as many clients as able.


Course of Action: With teamwork and strong project management, I was able to support dozens (and continue to support) businesses in every sector, at every scale, with every type of problem. 

Results: I am highly reviewed and celebrated by clients and staff, and continue to be central to most clients who work with Innovation Guelph who want to grow online and in their business. With me, clients have started and grown businesses, gone from inactive to active online, gotten ad spend down to $0.11 per click, sold products internationally, fund raised and more.

Wright Wealth Inc.

Social Media Management, Email Newsletter, Consulting

Situation: Trevor Wright of Wright Wealth had relied on his values and charm as a loveable and relatable dad type to get his financial services business going, without much of a plan past that. Combined with a disdain for administrative work, Trevor wanted his social media not only taken over, but to grow his business.  We needed to find a marketing solution that appealed to many in an oversaturated market.


Course of Action: We tested various messages, but came down to a simple approach: come for the dad jokes, stay for the financial tips. We made wealth and wealth planning accessible with planned messaging that applied to people just starting out with investments up to very wealthy clients. We then continued to test, deploy, improve and repeat.

Results: We not only grew, we improved processes. Business development and content became streamlined and attracted multiple sources of revenue on a repeatable basis with continued effort. His presence has grown by hundreds of followers every year with clients attracted on a quarterly (if not monthly) basis.

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Erica Voisin Real Estate

Social Media Management, Consulting

Situation: Erica Voisin was already a successful realtor with no brand and no desire to run her own social media. She needed someone to handle her social media marketing to showcase her success and expertise as a realtor. We needed a brand solution that appealed to her growing and changing market, while competing against many other realtors.


Course of Action: We started with some coaching and brand planning, and found that an unbranded approach that simply reflects Erica as a wonderful and down to earth human. With no gimmicks, tag lines or rigid brand, we built a social media approach that simply focused on Erica, a local mom, weirdo and hobbyist who also just happens to sell real estate. We developed content pillars and tested it, incorporating feedback as we went.

Results: Erica has a brand she's happy with, an active social media presence and growth across every measurable metric.  In less than a year we have grown her platform over 100% and attracted both buyers and sellers that guaranteed a return on investment.

Disability Tax Results

Consulting, Social Media Management

Situation: Peter had barely been running his own social media and was happy with it. He had heard of other people using ads to drive sales, and in his mind he only wanted ads for more sales for his extremely niche service. Without much of a starting point, we had to choose our benchmarks.


Course of Action: We started off with an organic content and engagement strategy. We created a simple drip of content with inexpensive ads for reach, and then focused on LinkedIn engagement to grow his network.

Results: We didn't realize how successful our plan would be. A simple drip campaign of content and engagement grew referral business month over month. We moved from predominantly local referrals to national referrals, building the business both direct to consumer and to other businesses.

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Disciples Home Missions

Speaking, Teaching, Strategic Consulting

Situation: DHM is a large organization with many parts and projects. They had little to no social media, but a lot of people with a lot of spinoff accounts with a lot of ideas but no clue how to implement anything to reach their goals.


Course of Action: We started with an organizational survey to understand people's professional, personal and program goals. From this we developed a full day training that met as many needs as possible. We then had a second day of consulting to work through the training and implementation for social media.

Results: DHM is now active on social media in a way they can plan and account for, and reaching mixed markets without mixed or confusing messaging.

Motion, Heating & Cooling/Electric

Training, Consulting

Situation: Motion was born of a husband/wife team, and became two companies. The issue though was having two separate brands, but with no real plan for either brand, favouring one over another and not really using social to grow either.


Course of Action: We clarified what was central to each brand, developed brand guidelines and content plans, and worked on a social media management plan that meant both brands would grow and support the businesses respectively.

Results: Quite simply, we developed the brand guidelines we needed, created a content plan unique to both businesses and implemented best practices that that reinforced Motion* as go-to contractors in the region.

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