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Code of Conduct

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I strive to put the public and our consumers first. In my effort to do so, we (everyone hired, contracted or working on behalf of) my company commit to the following practices in our work.


I, Tim Campbell-Smith, and my colleagues  will


  • Always work to stay ahead of new research, data and trends that are relevant to our work in social media, web design and ads, and our clients’ needs, 

  • Disclose to anyone considering becoming a client if we are working with another business within the same industry, field or practice,

  • Explain why we are proposing one service over another when providing a proposal,

  • Explain pricing clearly and thoroughly to eliminate confusion and provide transparency, and

  • Always be thorough in our discovery and diagnosis of a problem. 


I am committed to 


  • Only work within my scope of expertise,

  • Serving clients with dignity, honesty, professionalism, competence and objectivity,

  • Disclosing any or any potential or any perceived conflict of interest, 

  • Reviewing each and every contract in as much or as little detail with our clients as requested to eliminate surprises, 

  • Only work with one client in each industry, and

  • Only work with more than one client in an industry with permission from all active clients in that industry,

  • Respecting the confidentiality of anything ever said in any meeting (including those before or after a contract has come into effect), 

  • Sincerely reporting and billing clients for time spent without inflating time, 

  • Handling conflict or disagreement in a mutually agreeable manner with a spirit of grace and win/win mindset, 

  • Providing you with any and all information when requested, and not "holding ransom" over any accounts or property,

  • Terminating any relationship that is no longer productive, proactive or achieving goals and outcomes, 

  • and in a timely manner.


I am a connector of people, and in doing so, will


  • Ask permission from a person who we will send as a referral before we make the referral,

  • Provide at least two options whenever I make a referral,

  • Never award referrals based on compensation or "kick backs", and only on merit,

  • Explain why I am choosing the providers we refer when we make a referral, and

  • Only make referrals that are relevant to a person when they disclose a want or need. 


I work with technology, and in this changing landscape will


  • Uphold my privacy policy, and

  • Protect any information in our custody,

  • Never sell, trade, transfer or otherwise release any information you provide to Relation Media,

  • Disclose how and where we store information when asked, 

  • Respect any client’s wishes in regards to how they do or do not want their information used, and

  • Provide written or verbal notice (and document it) whenever a breach or loss of information has occurred within 24 hours.

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