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Tim Campbell Smith typing on a laptop in an office

What does it mean to work with a digital marketing consultant?

While I've listed below digital marketing "services", these are more common things I've done with clients over the years of my experience. If you don't see what you're looking for (which happens!) it's because it's a unique situation - and I'd still like to talk to you. At the heart of digital marketing consulting is being with you to the end, hearing what you're working on and doing whatever I can as an outsider to make it happen.

Digital marketing services I've offered clients before:

   Consulting    (Learn more)

   Digital Marketing Audits     (Learn more)

   Digital Marketing Strategies     (Learn more)

   Digital Marketing Measurement     (Learn more)

   Email Marketing Plan     (Learn more)

   Website + SEO Planning     (Learn more)

   Sales Enablement     (Learn more)

   Social Media Ads Review + Planning     (Learn more)

   Support for other Social Media Marketing Consultants     (Learn more)

   Social Media Campaign Design    (Learn more)

   Influencer marketing (planning and management)     (Learn more)

   Business Development 

   Local Online Marketing Strategies

   Content Planning

   Hashtag Planning

   Media Planning 

   Social Media Profile Design 

Let me also be clear in services I do not offer:

   Social media management 

   Website creation 

   Ads management                   

   Google ads                                      

   SMS marketing                                 

   Email marketing management

   PR & Crisis Communications 

   Content writing and creation




*Please note I have colleagues and professionals in my network who do all of these things, and I'm more than happy to send you name of anyone you're looking for who provides a service I do not.

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