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Let's design social media ads that work.


Ads should never be a "throw it against the wall and see what sticks" situation. Calculated, data informed decisions are the way to go.

And, my favourite thing to do is take the stress and confusion out of the ads process.

Together we'll decide what you want from your ads, what's working or not, and/or design ads for your business.

I work with organizations with all levels of ads experience and background, so whether you're starting out and have nothing, or have multiple tiered campaigns running, I can work with you.

Please note my expertise is limited to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ads. LinkedIn, YouTube and Google I will happily find someone for you.

If you have ads and campaigns:

  1. We review your goals and hopes.

  2. We examine the data, honestly and objectively, and explore what's working and what's not.

  3. We choose a new course of action.

  4. We test the ads.

  5. We modify and adjust until we get it right.

  6. We plan for any future needs.

  7. Repeat as needed.

If you DON'T have ads running:

  1. We explore budget, goals and expectations.

  2. We craft a high level strategy for your ads and campaigns.

  3. We bring ads practitioners on board to implement.

  4. We test ads and campaigns.

  5. We measure results.

  6. We adjust as needed.

  7. We plan for any future needs.

  8. And again, repeat as needed.

The Investment


I believe in transparent pricing. While everything I do is uniquely quoted, ad planning, creation and measurement usually requires a minimum five hours of your time (with follow up support), and starts at $875 CDN plus taxes. ​Again though, I typically work on an hour to hour basis, and do have a standard hourly consulting fee we can defer to.

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