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Why aren't you getting more sales?! Let's find out.

If you want to get more sales from social media and digital marketing, you've come to the right place.

Frankly, sales is not complicated. Get eyeballs, stir up interest, give a reason to purchase, make the sale, and encourage follow ups. That's it.

Where there's problems, there are leaks in the process. Together we'll figure out how much of a process you have built, what's missing from everything you're doing, leaks in the bucket and, finally, we patch it up.

The Usual Process:

To get more sales from social media, we will

  • review your whole process,

  • explore where you think there's problems,

  • gather data to prove or challenge our claims, 

  • decide what each digital sales process should look like, 

  • build out those sales processes, and

  • measure and modify improvements.

Sales through social media
Tim Campbell Sales Social Media

The Investment

I believe in transparent pricing. While everything I do is uniquely quoted, sales enablement usually requires a minimum five hours of your time (with follow up support), and starts at $750 CDN plus taxes. It's pretty flexible and dependent on your needs though.​ Again though, I typically work on an hour to hour basis, and do have a standard hourly consulting fee we can defer to.

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