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Let's make your website
beautiful, AND discoverable.

Sometimes, a second set of eyes is all we need to improve our websites.

Luckily, this second set of eyes is trained to know what works well, and what could be slowing you down.

Together we can tackle everything from structure, function, design, keywords, discoverability and possibilities for expansion.

The Usual Process:

There's no "usual process" with website planning, because I've found each organization is in a different stage of their journey with what we need. You tell me:

  • is your website getting discovered enough?

  • how are people using the website?

  • where are people dropping off?

  • what's your conversion rate?

  • what words ARE you getting found for?

  • what works AREN'T you getting found for?

  • what are your competitors doing better than you?

These are the questions we use to set the foundation for our work around SEO and website design.

Website and marketing review

The Investment

I believe in transparent pricing. While everything I do is uniquely quoted, SEO and website planning usually requires a minimum two hours of your time (with follow up support), and starts at $250 CDN plus taxes. It's pretty flexible and dependent on your needs though.​ Again though, I typically work on an hour to hour basis, and do have a standard hourly consulting fee we can defer to.

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