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Why Do People Hire Me to Speak?

Two words: Energy and relatability.

Here's a secret I'd like to keep between you and me: I LOVE what I do. I love talking about digital marketing, learning about digital marketing and brainstorming possibilities and exploring those options. You cannot duplicate that energy!

I'm also relatable. Down to earth, action oriented, and a "real person". When you hire me, you're not hiring some celebrity or influencer people can't relate to, who got lucky or some fabulous PR: you're hiring a professional speaker who has learned, tried, failed and succeeded in digital marketing.

My key topic areas as a professional speaker are:

  • Entrepreneurship and choosing your own journey,

  • Customer centricity in business,

  • How any business can be a business for good, and 

  • Defining and measuring success, on our own terms.

I believe in honesty and transparency: when it comes to speaking engagements, I generally charge $800 CDN for a 45-60 minute talk if part of another event, and $1500 and up for keynote talks or primary addresses.

By the numbers, as a speaker:


events spoken at


classes taught


positive reviews


audience members.

See me in action:

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To book me as a speaker:

Send me an email and let me know about your company, group, and what you hope for in your event. 

We'll customize it from there.

See me in action

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