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Corporate Digital Marketing Training

Let's imagine for a second your corporate training was fun, it was engaging, it was something even the least engaged people would talk about later on in life...what could that look like?

THAT is what I want to create with you.


Here's a true story:


I can get almost anybody excited about almost anything digital marketing related.

Statistical analysis is boring as shit. But, I f$%&ing love it, because I've seen how everything you want to know about your marketing can be found in your data. 

Every time I offer it as a training, people groan. When I mention it to students, they roll their eyes...

...and yet, to date, one of my top trainings people LOVE is digital marketing analytics and analysis. 

If we have fun, if we lead with curiosity, if we share tools and ideas to answer questions we have, then anything is possible!

That's the kind of corporate trainer I am. I will get you excited. I will nerd out with you. I will challenge you to have fun and go bigger, better, and to connect the dots. 

Hiring me to provide corporate training is kind of like a build-your-own-adventure:

Choose your time frame:

  • Short talk (>90 minutes),

  • Lunch n Learn

  • Multi hour

  • Half day

  • Full Day

  • Multi Day

Choose your subject area(s):

  • One or more specific digital marketing platform,

  • topics like

    • Sales​

    • Strategy Creation

    • Growing a following

    • Branding

    • Analytics + measurement

    • and many more, or

  • Something custom to your company

Tim teaching a social media class writing on the board

Choose your key learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge,

  • Application, 

  • Ideas, wisdom and insight, 

  • Common understanding

And finish with logistics:

  • Date, time, location

  • Testing and measurement

  • Hand outs

  • Follow up

I believe in honesty and transparency: when it comes to training, I generally charge $500 CDN for a 90 minute session (minimum), $800 for a half day, $1300 for a whole day and $1200 for multiple days (per day), with a flex rate of $150 / hour

By the numbers, as a speaker:


events spoken at


classes taught


positive reviews


audience members.

See me in action:

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To book your training:

Send me an email and let me know about your company, group, and what you hope for in a training. 

We'll customize it from there.

See me in action

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