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Business for Good is Good for Business. Period.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that provides a good or service while improving the wellbeing of people, communities, and areas. The two are simultaneous and inseparable. Many social enterprises, like mine, measure multiple bottom lines: profits, social impact, and environmental impact. 

My goal is to show all business owners all the amazing things that can happen when we become social enterprises.


Most social enterprises focus on one thing, like environmental impact or equity for communities. I focus on all. My goal is to make social enterprise infectious and to convert private, for-profit businesses into active social enterprises.

I do this by sharing with my clients in my business how good and how easy it is to be a social enterprise.

In this context, an active social enterprise

  1. Tracks, monitors and aims to improve at least two bottom lines,

  2. Actively discloses being a social enterprise or business for good, and

  3. Is accountable in some way for their bottom lines and improvements.

My Social Impact

In my 4 years in business, I have provided a minimum of 80 hours of pro bono work per year to not-for-profits, charities, and low-income individuals who can't afford a consultant.

I donate all my time talking with any business owners on how to become a social enterprise and the requisite business planning.

I do volunteer speaking engagements with schools and youth on entrepreneurship. I also volunteer as a pitch judge and mentor for an organization providing top-tier business training, peer mentorship, micro-financing, and ongoing business supports to at risk youth.

Every year I have mandated anti-racism, decolonization, pro-reconciliation training.

I default to buying local (within 10km) for all products and services.

I utilize the services of a local virtual assistant also part of a traditionally marginalized group.

I have a code of practice, guaranteed to all people in all of my work (read here).

My Environmental Impact

I removed the use of paper business cards reducing waste. When others ask for my business card, I ask them to take a picture of the electronic card from my phone to theirs.

I moved over 90% of my processes to digital platforms to eliminate printing.

I decreased in-person meeting days to reduce impact.

I purchase locally as a default to decrease emissions from transportation.

I use less harsh cleaning chemicals and more natural ingredients to clean.

My Financial Impact

I offer sliding scale payments to those who cannot or cannot fully afford a trainer, speaker or influencer.

I offer deferred payments with no interest or terms in response to the COVID pandemic.

I intentionally price services and products low compared to industry standards to remain accessible.

A portion of all event revenues also goes to local charities.

I actively donate each month to campaigns I support.

In 2021 I introduced the Campbell-Smith Queer Business Scholarship, a $500 scholarship for queer students pursuing college-level studies in business (more on that here)

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